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The word Logista during the Roman and Byzantine time meant "administration official, skilled in calculation".

Logista’s success can be attributed to the enthusiasm and interest in their clients’ activities, as well as the ability to deliver personal services on a professional level. Over the years, Logista has offered clients its adjustable package of specialised knowledge. The fulfilment of client needs ensures that Logista will go from strength to strength in the future. This recipe for success has ensured that Logista is currently one of the leading audit practices.

The firm has experienced exponential growth over the last two decades and currently serves an impressive client base ranging from public companies through the private sector, parastatals and official bodies of the government. Logista has eight directors who are assisted by approximately 60 dedicated technical and administrative personnel.

Logista has the ability to fulfil all of its clients’ business needs. Our mission of providing excellence and professional services to clients who are serious about their business, ensures that value added service positions Logista as leading medium sized audit practice. Logista is large enough to offer a full range of independent and objective advising services, yet small enough to attend to your specific needs by providing the personalised attention you require through highly trained, skilled and motivated professionals.

The Logista group consists mainly of three entities providing a vast variety of services associated with an accounting practice.

These services are structured as follows:

Auditing & Forensic services - Logista Incorporated
Secretarial & Legal - Logista Secretarial
Accountanting & Financial - Logista Trust

Logista and the BKR Group are large enough to offer a full range of independent and objective advisory services, but small enough to attend to your specific needs and provide the personalised attention you require.

‘Your Partner in Business’ indeed.

You can depend on Logista for creative and practical services to clients through skilled and motivated professionals who are trained in the specialised fields of auditing and taxation.

Logista is a registered member of the following professional bodies: South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).
Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship at Logista is not just an extension of our business strategy. It is about ensuring the sustainability of our firm through our everyday actions. Logista, as your partner in business, believes in delivering lasting value for all of our stakeholders.

Our corporate responsibility objective is to build a supportive, diverse and engaging workplace for our employees. These objectives ensure that we maintain a high performance corporate culture. Elements of our objective include:

Provide our employees with the skills to do their jobs effectively and investing in training and development
Maintain a culture where inclusion, diversity, and flexible work practices are the norm
Maintain a work environment that supports the health, safety, and well being of our employees
Nurture established corporate values that make our people feel proud to be part of our firm

Essential to our objective is the creation of a work environment in which our people treat one another with dignity, fairness, and respect. We constantly encouraged our employees to develop to their fullest potential; understand that they will be held both accountable for their work; and expect to be recognised for the value they deliver.

Logista fully support transformation initiatives, which enhance employment equity and capacity building. Our aim is to make a meaningful contribution towards accountability in South Africa. Our policies are founded on the principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity. Our policy does not discriminate on the basis of race or gender and ensures that employment equity is an integral part of the strategic business plan. .

We act as mentors to train, enhance and empower capacity within our firm for previously disadvantage individuals. Logista is dedicated to empower previously disadvantage employees through continuous education and training in order to provide them with necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to act as future managers, partners and administrative personnel.

Logista is also a BEE Level 1 contributor.

We centre our business around ethical behaviour and good corporate governance. We demand that all our stakeholders maintain good corporate governance standards. Logista recognises their responsibility towards the environment and strive towards constantly reducing the negative impact of our business operations and services have on the environment.

Logista recognises their responsibility to contribute towards the sustainable development of our society. Our social responsibilities include the upliftment of the societies where we do business and to add lasting value.

Our involvement with “Kungwini Welfare Organisation” as well as tertiary institutions, such as University of Pretoria and University of North West, focuses primarily on education, enterprise development and sustainable job creation.

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